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Times are crazy and everybody wants answers. Things are tough and you just want to know what's going on. The dog must've tied up my second cousins' kids to the parking meter outside of the Aren-O-Dome, officer, I don't know what you're talking about... Where is the truth? How will we solve the problems faced by today's global economy? Does the answer really lie in an AC/DC concert circa 1979?

We answer all those questions and more with a resounding "Who knows?". We're not Laughing Sal.  No, sir. This site exists exclusively to promote one thing and one thing only: stopping the red light school bus law pertaining to red lights and school busses in Bugstussle Kentucky.

OK, so we lied about that. We don't care about red lights or school busses in Bugstussle. We're a small record label out of Cleveland Ohio.

Alright... full disclosure... We do care about that red light school bus law AND we are a record label here in the Jewel of the Rust Belt, beautiful, scenic Cleveland Ohio.


I imagine that when most folks set out to start something like a small imprint they have things like a business model, maybe some kinda of legal documentation, etc etc. We have all that too; and it's all drawn up on a really nice cocktail napkin. The whole shebang pretty much comes down to this: Our goal is to release music we think is really good, regardless of genre. Also, we're pretty big on Cleveland so if we can shine a light on some of the music coming out of our fair city that is a definite added bonus.


Currently we operate from a small space (read: house) here in Cleveland handling recording, design, and all other aspects of such pursuits. All records are currently pressed right here in Cleveland, and we'll continue to stick to that mantra as opportunity allows. 

At this time we are not a large-scale operation, only focusing on the projects at hand. However, if you have a recording you feel strongly about we encourage you to send us a link. At the very least we'll tell all our friends if we like it. Promise. Or you can send us random stuff like this. We're completely OK with that too. 

We don't see flooding the market with albums, as our goal is to simply release quality material. At least until that sweet Bud Light contract comes in and we switch over to highly commercialized music that will make a lot of money. You know, music that sounds a lot like this. I suppose that only time will tell if we're able to reach those goals. 






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