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Here at Eleventh Hour we feel that it should be noted that we don't 'sign' anyone; we simply release music we feel strongly about. With that said here are some of the folks whose music we're working on or have put out in the past.


Spanning a total of six years and over 100 shows the Forgotten Souls released two full length albums and single before disbanding in the spring of 2016. Consisting of folks who spent their musical pasts playing hardcore and street punk but never having the feel of aging punks who decided to switch genres halfway through life, the band spanned everything from gospel to early jazz while never adhering to straight traditionalism. Though the first two records are now out of print (2011's Self Titled and 2015's Desolation Ridge) they are still available to listen and download on our Bandcamp site. A posthumous release of the band's final studio album 'Into the Ether' is scheduled to be pressed sooner or later (probably later...).

Forgotten Souls of Antiquity


With a storied career that speaks well enough for itself, Bill Fox has made a name with his simple and honest approach to songwriting and recording. With two late 1990's albums (Shelter From the Smoke and Transit Byzantium) that won him critical acclaim, Fox has continued to release music (2012's One Thought Revealed and 2016's split single featuring How It Feels) that is both familiar and new. 

Never treading too far into the past while never looking too far into the future, Bill captures the smaller things in life that are all too easily missed into his tunes. Capturing those moments into a phrase is hard enough without venturing too far into the 'singer songwriter' box but Bill toes the line in a seemingly effortless manner that brings both meaning and a heartfelt soul into his songs. 

Purchase Bill Fox's previous records directly:
Shelter From The Smoke 2xLP
One Thought Revealed CD 


With their self titled debut released in 2012, Philadelphia PA's Le Yikes Surf Club combines the best parts of punk, pop, and of course surf music into their energetic albums and live shows. Started by road veteran Gary V, the band has crisscrossed the nation numerous times already and have a handful of excellent releases under their belt (2012's Self Titled, 2014's Apocalypos, and 2016's GALAPAGOGO amongst others). We're apparently not the only ones who are fans either, with Get Bent proclaiming their sound as "a pulsing strand of surf-punk hereby shaping LYSC as one of the most noteworthy bands in Philly" and  JUMP magazine saying the band "calls to mind a sunset-lit beach, smoking a spliff with pals, and watching the waves after a wild punk show". Look for their upcoming LP, a collaborative effort between Alternative Underground, Eleventh Hour, and Grizzly Records to be released soon!

Purchase previous Le Yikes Surf Club releases directly:

Apocalypsos Cassette Tape
LYSC Bandcamp Site 


With two full length albums under his belt, (2013's Starry Skies of Home and 2016's The Lucky Ones) James has continued to build on his already impressive repertoire of songs. Criss crossing the country multiple times in his youth before returning to Cleveland in 2003, the Alliance Ohio native has quietly built his following with his thoughtful approach to his craft. 

Closing out 2016 with the release of his second album and first true long player James has been working hard on not only the live performances that have followed the record's release, but writing songs for the next album. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, Cleveland Scene has recently said of James that his song 'See Them Move' "has a classic folk sound and features baritone vocals and some intricate guitar work. It possesses a distinct, quiet intensity." We couldn't agree more! 

Purchase previous James McKeivier albums directly:

Starry Skies of Home CD


Beginning in 1998 and totaling more than 60 releases worth of material, rubella has had many incantations and faces throughout the years but remains one of Cleveland's truest and sickest entities since its inception. Consisting of Gregory Zerik and his merry (read: damaged) band of cohorts, the group has managed to reinvent itself many times throughout its existence. As an example, 2006's Spanish surf rock-infused reptilicus is a total 180 degree turn from the dark synth-laced madness of last year's release of the pit. Sometimes recording with other musicians and other times recording the entire work himself it's almost guaranteed that no two pieces of work sound the same; or sound like anything else for that matter. Deeper... darker... more damaged... like a children's record played at half speed backwards, upside down, and inside out. rubella has long been one of our favorite groups and if you weren't hip already then we're sure they'll be one of your favorites soon enough. 

Purchase previous rubella albums directly:

survivor's guilt Cassette Tape

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